What the NAOPV does

For prisoners

OPVs have a crucial role in providing a friendly ear for prisoners. They may be told some very personal details about a prisoner’s life which must remain confidential. OPVs are always non-judgemental and are there to be supportive.

For Official Prison Visitors

  • The NAOPV exists to promote, implement and support prison visiting.
  • It supports the work of OPVs locally and nationally.
  • It is recognised by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS).
  • It fosters, supports and co-ordinates the work of NAOPV branches, individual OPVs, Liaison Officers and Prison Chaplains.

However, it should be noted that:

  • The NAOPV is not a pressure or political group and OPVs should never seek to put pressure on prison governors or staff.
  • The NAOPV is a non faith-based organisation and does not promote any one faith or religion.

Spontaneous Fusion, HM Prison Standford Hill, 2018
Food for Thought, HM Prison Lewes, 2018
Woman with Wooden Hair, HM Prison Peterborough, 2019
Tiki Face, HM Prison Kilmarnock, 2019