Koestler Arts

We have renewed an arrangement with the Koestler Trust to use a selection of images from the annual awards in our publications. This website incorporates many of these.

“Koestler Arts is the UK’s best-known prison arts charity. We encourage people in the criminal justice system to change their lives by participating in the arts. We share their artworks with the public, so people can witness this diverse range of voices, stories and talent.”

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Read and Dream, HM Prison Warren Hill, 2019
The Keostler Trust
Life Through a Lens, The Hellingly Centre (secure mental health unit), 2018
Tiki Face, HM Prison Kilmarnock, 2019
Stained Glass Superman, HM Prison Edinburgh, 2019
Am I Laughing, or Am I Screaming Inside, HM Prison Lewes, 2017
Spontaneous Fusion, HM Prison Standford Hill, 2018
The Keostler Trust
Back Together, HM Prison & Young Offender Institution Low Newton, 2018
That Sink-ing Feeling, HM Prison Leeds, 2018
Paper Flowers on a Red Pot (detail), HM Prison Peterborough, 2019
Interlude to Mind, HM Prison Peterborough, 2019
Paper Flowers on a Red Pot, HM Prison Peterborough, 2019
GNU's at Nine, HM Prison Elmley, 2018
Lost in Space, But the Sun Shines, HM Prison Bure, 2019
Weekly Letter, Camden and Islington Probation Service, 2018
Untitled, Oakhill Secure Training Centre, 2019
Rough Tide, HM Prison Oakwood, 2016
Visitors Kiss, HM Prison Peterborough, Mixed Media, 2017
Knights, HM Prison Standford Hill, 2018
First Light in February, HM Prison Channings Wood, 2017
Food for Thought, HM Prison Lewes, 2018
Woman with Wooden Hair, HM Prison Peterborough, 2019
Coming Clean, HM Prison Littlehey, 2018
With Love, HM Prison Standford Hill, 2018
The Keostler Trust